The Berrel Sea Campaign
All you have ever known is the Berrel Sea region with its salt tinged air, rocky shores, and coarse soil. Such a small world to grow up in but yet it holds many secrets for those lacking complacency and common sense. Tales are told of a people descended of fire and copper known as the Cerrics. Children often run howling with laughter as their parents pretend to be giants from the mythic island of Lyboria. Many a foolish child dreams of sailing to Helster with an army of countrymen to make battle with the local daemons like Queen Gaidor. Befriend the right scholar and be regaled with tales of the Lumerians, an advanced culture of immortals from another land. History and mythology has no separate meaning in this small world, thus there are two sides to every story and the truth often lies in somewhere in the middle.

Berrel Sea Adventures